Information on Further Reading and Research

Here are some books and websites that provide more information on Prof. Malin Falkenmark’s activities.
These also provide useful information for anyone working on research projects and papers.

[ Target Audience: High school students or older ]
(These are written for adults. Some contents
may be challenging for elementary
and junior high school students, but give it a try.)


  • Books written by Professor Falkenmark
  • Water Resilience for Human Prosperity
  • Malin Falkenmark, Johan Rockström, Carl Folke, etc.
    Cambridge University Press 2014
    ISBN-10: 1107024196
  • Balancing Water for Humans and Nature: The New Approach in Ecohydrology
  • Malin Falkenmark and Johan Rockström
    Earthscan Publications Ltd. 2004
    ISBN-10: 9781853839269
  • Comparative Hydrology: An Ecological Approach to Land and Water Resources
  • Malin Falkenmark and Tom Chapman
    Unipub 1989
    ISBN-10: 9231025716
  • Water for a Starving World
  • Malin Falkenmark
    Unipub 1977
    ISBN-10: 0891582126
  • Other major publications
  • Publication Archive (2007-2016)


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