Information on Further Reading and Research

Here are some books and websites that provide more information about what Prof. Markus Borner has been doing.
These also provide useful information for anyone working on research projects and papers.

[ Target Audience: High school students or older ]
(These are written for adults. Some contents
may be challenging for elementary
and junior high school students, but give it a try.)


  • Books Written by Professor Borner
  • Serengeti IV: Sustaining biodiversity in a coupled human-natural system
  • University of Chicago Press (2015)
    ISBN: 9780226196336
  • Serengeti Ⅲ: Human Impacts on Ecosystem Dynamics
  • University of Chicago Press (2008)
    ISBN: 9780226760353
  • Serengeti Ⅱ: Dynamics, Management, and Conservation of an Ecosystem
  • University of Chicago Press (1995)
    ISBN: 9780226760315
  • Other major publications/ Theses
  • Other
  • Serengeti Shall Not Die
  • B. & M. Grzimek E. P. Dutton and Co.; First American Edition edition (1961)
    ISBN: 978-1199126528
  • Prof. Grzimek, who brought Prof. Borner to Africa, conducted surveys on the Serengeti with his son Michael. This is his record of those surveys. It was also made into a movie, which introduced the Serengeti to the world.



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