Prof Thompson, Prof Galloway,Prof Lindeque

Prof Thompson, Prof Galloway,Prof Lindeque

Professor Richard Thompson OBE FRS (center)

Born in 1963, Marine Biologist, UK
University of Plymouth, Director of the Marine Institute, University of Plymouth

Professor Tamara Galloway OBE (right)

Born in 1963, Ecotoxicologist, UK
University of Exeter, Head of Ecotoxicology Research Group, University of Exeter

Professor Penelope Lindeque (left)

Born in 1971, Marine Ecologist, UK
Head of Science for Marine Ecology and Biodiversity, Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)

Tiny Threats in the Oceans

Do you use plastic bottles and shopping bags? An enormous amount of plastic has found its way into the ocean, causing serious problems. Scientists estimate that the total weight of this plastic might be heavier than the fish in the ocean combined. This plastic that enters the ocean is called marine plastic.

Plastic is very convenient, even seemingly essential in our daily lives. However, it is difficult for microorganisms to break it down. Although this marine plastic is gradually crushed into smaller pieces, they hardly decompose and will persist for a long time. Professor Thompson, Professor Galloway, and Professor Lindeque are focusing their research on these tiny pieces, hoping to find solutions to the growing problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. Let’s explore their approaches to tackling the problems caused by marine plastic.


Prof Thompson, Prof Galloway,Prof Lindeque