Preface – The publication of Data Regarding Global Environmental Issues –

Eight years have passed already since Data Book: Deciphering the "Conditions for Survival" was published by the Round Table Conference on Global Environmental Issues, which consisted of members of the Board of Directors and Councilors of the Asahi Glass Foundation.

Solving global environmental issues may require more time. During these eight years alone, we have seen significant changes in the environment including an increase of CO2 emissions in emerging countries, and a greater frequency of disasters caused by global environmental issues.

Awareness about the global environment has significantly increased, however, and this awareness led to the Paris Agreement in 2015. Given these changes, we thought that it was time to update the data we included in the book eight years ago.

While we attempted to follow the structure of the 1st version in this revision, we decided to post data on the website rather than publishing paper-based copies. We have also included links to all the original data.

This style allows the web page to serve as a portal site for access to data regarding global environmental issues, which adds to its function as a publication that increases the public’s deciphering the Conditions for Survival.

The title of the web page has also been revised to Data for Consideration of Global Environmental Issues to associate it with the name of the Round Table Conference that published Data Book:Deciphering "the Conditions for Survival."

It is our hope that this web page will help people deepen their understanding of the Blue Planet Prize and provide an easy way to obtain important data regarding global environmental issues.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Kuniaki Takamatsu and Yoko Shimizu at the Center for Environmental Information Science, both of whom provided invaluable help in the publication of this information, including the collection of data and creation of the web page.

Kunihiko Adachi
Senior Executive Director,
Asahi Glass Foundation







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