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IV. Actions Against Crisis|
Energy efficiency in industry
IV. 危機への対応|産業におけるエネルギー効率
The use of advanced energy-saving technologies will enable further CO2 emission reduction even in the steel industry. 高い省エネ技術を活用すれば、鉄鋼業界でもさらなるCO2排出量の削減が可能である。
Figure 4-19 Efficiency in the cement manufacturing industry by country 図4-19 各国のセメント製造業の効率比較
Figure 4-19 is from Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth, System Analysis Group. (2014). Figure 9. Kurinka seizou 1t atarini youshita enerugi gentani suikeichi (2010 nen jiten) (Estimated heat energy consumption per ton of clinker (2010)). Sekai Shuyokoku no Enerugi Koritsu Ranking houkoku no Kenshou (Examining a Report Evaluating Major Countries Commitment to Energy Efficiency), p.18. Retrieved September 22, 2017, from https://www.rite.or.jp/system/global-warming-ouyou/download-data/Ranking_energyefficiency_ACEEEreport2014.pdf. Reprinted with permission.


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