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IV. Actions Against Crisis|
Nuclear power as a source of energy supply
IV. 危機への対応|エネルギー供給源としての原子力
Nuclear energy which do not emit CO2 while generating power is considered to be one of the major options in dealing with the global warming problem. 発電時にCO2を排出しない原子力エネルギーの導入は、地球温暖化問題に対応する上での有力な選択肢の一つである。
Figure 4-11 Changes in electricity generated by nuclear power worldwide (by region) 図4-11 世界の原子力発電電力量の推移(地域別)
Figure 4-11 is from Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. (2015). Dai 222-2-2: Sekaino Genshiryoku hatsuden denshiryokuryouno suii (Chiikibetsu) (No.222-2-2: Change in electricity generated by nuclear power worldwide (by region)). Enerugi Hakusho 2016 (Japan's Energy White Paper 2016), p.218. Retrieved July 27, 2017, at http://www.enecho.meti.go.jp/about/whitepaper/2016pdf/whitepaper2016pdf_2_2.pdf. Reprinted with permission.


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