Original Conditions for Survival
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III. Crisis Creeping in|
Sphere of habitation of organisms shrinks
III. 忍び寄る危機|生き物たちの生活圏の縮小
Deforestation aggravates the global environment. We must stop deforestation that is occurring all over the world. 森林破壊は、地球環境の悪化をもたらす。世界の至るところで進行している森林破壊を食い止めなければならない。
Figure 3-25 The extent of deforestation and forest degradation worldwide 図3-25 世界的な森林伐採・劣化の範囲
Figure 3-25 is from World Resources Institute. (2012). A World of Opportunity for Forest and Landscape Restoration. Assessment of Global Forest Degradation. Washington, DC: World Resources Institute. Retrieved July 6, 2017, from http://pdf.wri.org/world_of_opportunity_brochure_2011-09.pdf. Reprinted with permission.


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