Original Conditions for Survival
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III. Crisis Creeping in|
Extinction and the wonders of organisms
III. 忍び寄る危機|絶滅していく生き物たちとその恵み
From a distant past, humankind has enjoyed the ecosystem services biodiversity provided. However, humankind takes this nature’s bounty for granted and are not aware of the seriousness of losing them. はるか昔より、人間は生物多様性のもたらす生態系サービスの恩恵を享受してきた。しかし、人々はこれら自然の恵みを当然のものと感じており、この恵みが失われることの重大さになかなか気がつかない。
Figure 3-18 Relationship between ecosystem services and human welfare 図3-18 生態系サービスと人間の福利の関係
Figure 3-18 is from TEEB. (2010). Table 3: Typology of ecosystem services in TEEB. The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Ecological and Economic Foundations, p.21. Edited by Pushpam Kumar. London and Washington: Earthscan. Retrieved July 6, 2017, from http://www.teebweb.org/our-publications/teeb-study-reports/ecological-and-economic-foundations/. Reprinted with permission.


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