Original Conditions for Survival
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II. Human Activities Face limitations|
Gaps in food, nutrition and hygiene
II. 限界に直面する人間の営み|食料・栄養・衛生面での格差
Children and infants who have low tolerance to disease continue to fall victim because of insufficient food supply, unsanitary water, limited availability of healthcare services and other poverty-related problems, as well as conflicts and disasters. 貧困による不十分な食料、不衛生な水、不公平な医療サービスに加え、紛争や災害などが原因となり、抵抗力の弱い乳幼児が犠牲になっている。
Figure 2-68 Projection on the number of children stunned by malnutrition (aged five and under) by region (1990 and 2025) 図2-68 栄養不良による発育障害幼児数(5歳以下)の見通し・地域別(1990年・2025年)
Figure 2-68 is from UNICEF, WHO, the World Bank Group. (2017). Global and regional trends by UN Regions, 1990-2025, Stunting: 1990-2025, joint child malnutrition estimates. Joint Child Malnutrition Estimates (UNICEF-WHO-WB). Retrieved August 21, 2017, from http://apps.who.int/gho/data/view.main.NUTUNSTUNTINGv?lang=en. Reprinted with permission.
Figure 2-69 Under 5 mortaility rate (probability of dying by age 5 per 1000 live birth) (2015) 図2-69 5 歳以下の死亡率(2015年)
Figure 2-69 is from UNICEF, WHO, the World Bank Group, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Divisions. (2015). Under-five mortality rate (probability of dying by age 5 per 1000 live births), 2015. Levels and Trends in Child Mortality 2015. Retrieved August 21, 2017, from https://data.unicef.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IGME-report-2015-child-mortality-final_236.pdf. Reprinted with permission.


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