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II. Human Activities Face limitations|
Consumption and supply of energy
II. 限界に直面する人間の営み|エネルギー消費と供給
Viewing the characteristics of energy consumption in different countries from a multifaceted approach, while the total energy consumption of a country depends on the size of its population and economic activity, per capita consumption is determined by the size of the economic activities and efficiency, and the consumption per GDP is often related to the efficient use of energy. 各国のエネルギー消費の特徴を複眼的に捉える。エネルギー消費量の全量は人口の多さ、経済活動の大きさで決まる。一人当たりの消費量は経済活動の大きさ、効率性で決まり、GDP当たりの大きさはエネルギーの効率的利用と関連することが多い。
Figure 2-31 Consumption of primary energy by country (top 20 countries/2014) 図2-31 国別一次エネルギー消費量(上位20ヵ国/2014年)
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