Original Conditions for Survival
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II. Human Activities Face limitations|
Gaps in the economy and quality of life
II. 限界に直面する人間の営み|経済面や生活の格差
There is a significant gap between developed countries and developing countries in terms of the spread of the Internet. インターネット普及の先進国と発展途上国間の格差は大きい。
Figure 2-17 Changes in the spread of the Internet by region 図2-17 インターネット普及率の推移・地域別
Figure 2-17 is from The International Telecommunication Union (ITU). (2017). Key ICT indicators for developed and developing countries and the world (totals and penetration rates), Individuals using the Internet. ICT FACTS AND FIGURES 2017. Geneva, Switzerland: International Telecommunication Union. Retrieved July 13, 2017, from http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Statistics/Pages/facts/default.aspx. Reprinted with permission.


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