Original Conditions for Survival
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II. Human Activities Face limitations|
Gaps in the economy and quality of life
II. 限界に直面する人間の営み|経済面や生活の格差
Lifestyles in developed countries rely on the mass consumption of resources. The amount of plastics and paper consumed is shown as an example. 先進国のライフスタイルは、資源の大量消費の上に成り立っている。例として、プラスチック、紙の消費量を示す。
Figure 2-14 Consumption of plastic per capita in major regions and Japan (1980, 2005, and 2015) 図2-14 人口一人当たりプラスチック消費量・地域別 (1980年・2005年・2015年)
Figure 2-14 is from Plastics Insight. (2016). Global Consumption of Plastic Materials By Region (1980 – 2015). Retrieved July 11, 2017, from https://www.plasticsinsight.com/global-consumption-plastic-materials-region-1980-2015/. Reprinted with permission.


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