Original Conditions for Survival
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DATA 001
I. Departure from “The Limits to Growth” I. 『成長の限界』からの出発
Changes in global population over significant period of time from the birth of Homo sapiens to today eloquently explain the abnormality of the population increase from the 20th century onward. ホモサピエンス誕生から現在までの長いスパンで世界人口の推移を見ると、20 世紀以降の人類の増加の異常さがよくわかる。
Figure 1-1 Trends in global population 図1-1 世界人口の推移
Figure 1-1 are from United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. (2017). World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision, DVD Edition. Retrieved June 12, 2017, from https://esa.un.org/unpd/wpp/Download/Standard/Population/. U.S. Census Bureau. (2017). World Population: Historical Estimates of World Population. Retrieved June 12, 2017, from https://www.census.gov/population/international/data/worldpop/table_history.php. Reprinted with Permission.
NOTE: The above URL linked to U.S. Census Bureau’s data is no longer available. For data on historical world population estimates, please refer to Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Population. HYDE site (History Database of the Global Environment). Retrieved from http://themasites.pbl.nl/tridion/en/themasites/hyde/basicdrivingfactors/population/index-2.html.


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